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Examples of Terrestrial Plants

Technically speaking, a terrestrial plant is any plant that lives on land, rather than in water or as a parasite on another plant or animal. Some terrestrial plants are so common that most people forget they are living things. Trees, grass and flowers fall into this category. However, there are some examples of terrestrial plants that are very interesting and worth learning more about.

Cork trees

Corks, like the kind you find in some good bottles of wine, actually come from a tree called a cork tree. This tree is very unique, because you can shear the cork material off of the outer layers of the tree and not cause any permanent damage.

Green pitcher plant

This strange plant lives in the southern United States and is actually an endangered species. It forms a green pitcher that fills with a sticky liquid to attract insects, which it then consumes in a method similar to that of the Venus fly trap.

Titan arum

This species is known as the world's largest flower. It can grow up to eight feet tall and releases fluorescence. Once it rots, it gives off an awful smell, much like that of a dead body, and it is sometimes called the corpse flower. The flower only grows in a small area in Sumatra and is also on the endangered species list.

These examples of terrestrial plants are some of the most extreme and interesting on the planet. Efforts to preserve them can hopefully keep them around for centuries to come.