Put Your Green Thumb to Work Planting Terrestrials

Terrestrial plants can add visual interest and a nice texture to the landscape of your yard. All gardens, whether rocky slopes or formal beds, benefit from the addition of flowers, shrubs or vines.

The foundation of any garden should include bushes and shrubs. They provide a basic layout upon which you can build the rest of your design. Shrubs give the garden year-round interest, often changing colors with the seasons, and are generally easy to care for once established. Fill in the rest of the garden bed with perennials, which come back year after year and annuals, those plants that show their colors for just a few months. A mix of these three plant types almost guarantees a beautiful, colorful garden.

Choosing the correct plant for your particular needs is also important. Selecting drought-tolerant plants such as cactus and Lantana for arid climates or planting a shady spot with ferns gives your yard a natural, well-designed look. Feel free to experiment with different varieties to find the combination that suits your landscape. With the wide array of plants available, your gardens are limited only by your imagination.